SR Energy is passionate about protecting our planet and providing a healthy and secure future for generations to come.

With construction and development activities through out Africa, SR Energy is providing renewable energy solutions that not only generate clean energy, but also cultivate economic growth for communities around the world. SR Energy’s goal is to have its global projects achieve high levels of local job creation and content through local supply chains.

From a corporate perspective, SR Energy is committed to supporting the communities that are or could be home to its power projects. The SR Energy team has positively impacted many communities around the world through career development, internships, corporate sponsorships, corporate donations and community outreach programs. Serving our communities is a core component of the SR Energy corporate culture.


Installing solar PV panels to provide electricity to homes without access to the grid

Groenwater, Northern Cape
Electricity is taken for granted by the majority of us around the world but there are still a large number of people who don’t have access to electricity in rural areas of Africa. Only 88% of South African households have access to electricity. Our solar PV housing project aims to connect as many homes within a 50km radius of our Jasper project site, as possible. This ongoing project has already resulted in over 55 homes connected to date, with many of the homeowners gaining access to electricity for the first time in their lives!


Bringing Power to Off-Grid Homes

On-going commitment to improving Refentse Primary School in Groenwater

Groenwater, Northern Cape
Refentse Primary School is located just 5km away from the Jasper Solar Power Project. To date we have paved the playground, refurbished the bathrooms, built a multi-purpose court for tennis, netball and basketball, provided desks, chairs and eating utensils for all the pupils and teachers, levelled the school grounds and helped to create a basic gardening area as well as installing a solar borehole irrigation system. The school is gradually transforming and is a focal point for the community. We are committed to a long-term partnership with the school to continue the positive momentum, and help grow the student population.


Refentse Primary School

Kuilsville High School saves 50% of electricity costs with new rooftop solar PV installation

Daniëlskuil, Northern Cape
The successful rooftop solar installation at Kuilsville High School in the Northern Cape has enabled the school to employ an extra full time security guard, with the savings on their electricity bill. The Afrikaans/English bilingual school teaches students from grades 8 to 12 from the Tlhakalatlou, Lime Acres and Kuilsville Townships. Principal Steenkamp is a proud advocate of the renewable solution and actively encourages his students to learn more about solar technology.


Rooftop Solar Project at the Kuilsville High School

Supporting Enterprise Development on-site at the Jasper Solar PV Plant

Postmasburg, Northern Cape
Phambili Basie Contractors and Projects Ltd have been awarded two contracts at the Jasper PV Plant in the Northern Cape, supplying grass cutting and PV panel cleaning services. The business, majority owned by Juliet Basie, has grown significantly with the support of the Jasper Power Company who provided essential equipment, including commercial mowers and water trailers, which has helped develop this fledgling business into a prosperous one. Initially employing 22 part-time employees, they have now been able to provide 15 employees with full-time permanent jobs. Juliet and her team are hoping to secure more contracts in the region in the near future.


Phambili Basie Contractors Grass Cutting and PV Panel Cleaning Business

Learning Center for Kgatelopele Library

Danielskuil, Northern Cape
Kgatelopele is the only library located in Danielskuil and serves over 10,000 people. At the request of Danielskuil Municipality we have been providing ongoing support to help develop the library into a vital learning center for children and adults. We have donated educational toys for the children, encyclopedias for those studying, as well as computers and a printer for all in the community to use. Currently a new building is being built by the Municipality to house the library. We hope to support the library further with resources during their transition into their new premises.


Kgatelopele Library, Danielskuil

Helping Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) improve lives and landscapes towards healthy people on a healthier planet

Johannesburg, South Africa
Through the Food & Trees for Africa organization, we volunteered to plant trees and vegetables in Alexandra’s community garden located near the Jukskei River, one of the largest rivers in Johannesburg. By planting these trees it is estimated that the whole team’s efforts will offset approximately 36.9 tons of carbon dioxide as well as bringing many other benefits to the residents of Alexandra.


‘Food & Trees for Africa’

Helping improve the Zama Montessori School in honour of Nelson Mandela

Putfontein, South Africa
The SolarReserve team in Johannesburg, alongside the Lesedi & Letsatsi Power Company teams, volunteered together at the Zama Montessori School located in Putfontein South Africa. The volunteer project was held on International Nelson Mandela Day, to honour Nelson Mandela’s efforts to eliminate apartheid. The team constructed a new walkway to the school and garden for the children. The team also cooked and served lunch for all the children and volunteers who participated. SolarReserve donated school books and school bags for all 75 children, writing and art kits and teaching materials, and a braai stand and accessories for future lunches.


Nelson Mandela Day at Zama Montessori School

Match Fit in New Kit

Jenn-Haven, Northern Cape
Jenn-Haven has two community soccer clubs, Jenn-Haven United FC and United Stars FC, who are registered with the Tsantsbane Soccer Association. Both teams play league matches on Saturdays and Sundays afternoons, much to the excitement of the local fans who regularly come out to support them. Not only do the teams offer some much needed entertainment to the community but the team managers are keen to develop the players from the local area, teaching them about accountability, leadership and dedication.


Jenn-Haven Soccer Team Sponsorship