C&I Solar Solutions

SR Energy has constructed more than 25 projects to date that provide tailored integrated, renewable energy solutions for a wide array of clients. Our solutions reduce client’s risk, costs, stabalise their power supply and reduce their carbon footprint.

Hybrid solutions

Hybrid solutions generally comprise the integration of a renewable energy generation including wind or solar with, thermal power, the grid and batteries. Clients generally have a power demand of 100kw to 50MW . Customers include mines, industrial facilities, hospitals and retail centres in Africa which may or may not be grid connected and which have thermal generation sets as the main or backup source of power supply. By including a renewable energy hybrid solution.

Urban Solar Farms

SR has over 200MW of projects under development that are strategically located in municipal networks providing power to constrained areas where power is required to sustain and or enable development unlocking much needed investment in the area it is located. Power is distributed to developments and operating businesses via existing infrastructure. The projects secure power supply allowing our clients to develop, invest in their businesses with confidence while reducing their cost of energy and carbon footprint.

SR ENERGY C&I Solar Solutions

Utility Solar Solutions

SR Energy has developed over 240 MW of generating capacity in South Africa with a further pipeline of utility size projects that support utilities with their power requirements. We identify sites and develop them through to financial close including all environmental, technical, financial, legal and commercial requirements of the project.

SR ENERGY Utility Solar Solutions

Asset Management

We are the Asset Manager for the 96MW Jasper PV Power Project, the largest PV project in Southern Africa. We are an industry leading asset manager providing comprehensive asset management services allowing investors access to best in class management of their investments. For and behalf of the shareholders of a project we provide a full suite of services including construction management, optimisation and management of the operations and maintenance services and a focused approach on transformation, ED and SED. The result is maximised de-risked shareholder returns allowing shareholders to focus their attention on their next investment.

  • Technical services including onsite technical management of the plant and O&M management, technical management of the plants,
  • Comprehensive financial services including managing debt and equity, tax, IFRS and all required reporting,
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring HSSE requirements of the project, and
  • Developing and executing transformation, enterprise and socio-economic development strategies that are compliant with the objectives of the project.
SR ENERGY Asset Management Solutions

Project Development

We develop green and brown field projects for both our own investment and on behalf of clients. We identify sites and provide or manage environmental, technical, financial, legal and commercial requirements of the project through to financial close.

We hold a portfolio of fully developed projects including utility scale and small-scale embedded generation projects. The portfolio is comprised of fully permitted sites with negotiated PPAs in attractive, high growth renewable energy markets.

SR ENERGY Project Development Solutions